Well here we are at Giving Tuesday. This is the beginning of a very exciting project for us here at Pulford Community Living Services. Over the past few months we have worked to create a new type of Giving Tuesday action, and we’re thrilled to share it with you today. But first things first.

“What is Giving Tuesday?”

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that begins the Tuesday after Cyber Monday. Now that all the pre-Christmas deals are over, the giving season begins. Non-Profits, like us, rely heavily on this time of year to ask for donations or money or volunteer services. It’s generally when people are most giving with their time and money and the giving season is always a boon to organizations like ours.

“But didn’t you say Pulford was doing something different this year?”

I did! And we are! We know that we’re not the only organization out there competing for your time and money. This year we wanted to do something different and that’s what started the idea of the Pulford Community Challenge.

The word community is a loaded one. It has, like any other word, a dictionary definition, but it doesn’t always match up with what we truly feel the word means in our heart. The #PulfordCommunityChallenge is our way of showing that off. How does Community make you feel?

What does Community Mean to You

What we’re doing different this year is not asking for money, or for volunteers (however we will not say no to that if it’s how you choose to give). We want you to tell us what community means to you.

“Ok, so how do I get involved?”

It’s easy! Record a video where you answer the question, “What Does Community Mean to You?”. It can be one sentence, one word or something more detailed. There are no wrong answers. What we’re trying to show here is that the word community is a tapestry and made up of a lot of different answers. Community is about how you feel.

If you need inspiration you can watch the videos our staff and the people we support have made that we’ll release on our Twitter page -- @PulfordMB – every day from now until Dec. 23. Videos will also appear on Facebook and Instagram but Twitter has the easiest video reply system. We’ll have at least one video per day with someone’s answer and we’d love to be able to share yours too.

Alternatively, if video isn’t your thing you can send us a comment and we will share it with everyone. Please remember to use the hashtag #PulfordCommunityChallenge so we can find your comment, or tag us in the post.

“Where can I post my video?”

We’re localizing this mostly to Twitter, but you can post a video to your own Facebook page or Instagram page, but remember to tag us and use the hashtag when you do.

You can donate by clicking here. We thank everyone for their time this giving season and we hope to see you contribute to our goal.