Pulford Community Living Services Inc., a not-for-profit community based organization, was established in November 1986 in response to the closing of a guest home that threatened to leave several people homeless. On December 1, 1986, three people moved from the guest home into their own home on Fleet Avenue, assisted by Pulford. 

Since 1986, Pulford has continuously provided housing and supports to persons with a developmental disability. The supports provided by P.C.L.S. Inc. and its employees are intended to encourage and facilitate, to the greatest possible extent, the individual's ability to live and grow in ways that the individual sees fit.

Vision Statement – “An Equal and Inclusive World.”

Mission Statement – “To Bring Community Together to Promote and Empower People to Live a Full Life.”


Dignity - "Everyone has Value and Worth"

We treat people with dignity, regardless of what role they play in our organization. That means the people we support, employees and volunteers. This is also inclusive of the other contributors to our organization; our families, friends, government representatives, corporate partners, service providers and all of our neighbors.

Safety - "A Culture of Security, Protection and Comfort"

Safety is crucial for everyone to shine. People we provide support services to should feel safe in their homes, in their communities and with staff. Our employees should be encouraged to appropriately express themselves. Our families must feel that we always strive to create safe environments for their family members.

Respect - "Honouring Diversity"

Respect the human dignity and uniqueness of the people we support. We recognize each person as valuable, and help others to understand their value. We seek to understand people in the context of their personal history, their social and family networks, and their hopes and dreams for the future. We honour choices and preferences while protecting privacy.

Integrity - "Knowing and Doing the Right thing"

We support the mission and vitality of our profession to assist people to lead self-directed lives and to foster a spirit of partnership with the people we support, other professionals and our communities. Being aware of our own values and how they may influence our professional decisions. Assuming responsibility and accountability for our decisions and actions. We recognize the importance of modeling value based behaviours to colleagues, persons receiving support, and the community at large.