A few weeks ago some of the members of the Pulford Garden Club met to celebrate the close of their season of planting different fruits and veggies. The club had around 10 people that we support take part in gardening this year which happened at one of our homes in Windsor Park. Their backyard held 10 full-sized gardening boxes that they packed with radishes, lettuce, strawberry plants, carrots, peppers and beans.

Pulford Program Coordinator, Amanda Langlois and Day Service Manager, Kathleen Castello helped organize the club and purchased the seeds and other items needed for gardening. RONA kindly discounted their prices for the wood to build the boxes. A friend of one of our staff also donated his time and building skills to construct all 10 boxes.

Amanda Langlois explained that the Garden Club helped show important information to the people we support. Lessons about healthy eating, growing and sustaining your own food source and the process and science of gardening. She said it was a very rewarding experience and that the people we support were very engaged in the process and had a lot of fun doing it.

This was the second year for the Garden Club and we’re now looking ahead to next summer. After two years of the club we’re looking to improve on areas we didn’t like and continue to evolve and expand on what we did like.

Pulford is always looking for new opportunities and new ways to enrich the lives of the people we support. The Garden Club will be back next spring and we’ll be sure to update you all on how it went.

Garden Club Photo
Back Row: Kathleen Castello (Day Service Manager), Jonathan Boris, Alexandros Zotos (Asst. Day Service Manager). Front row: Courtney Webb, Karly Webb, Patti (Patricia) Chegus