Last week Pulford hosted another artist in our building for a private art event. On Thursday, Sept. 26 we had over 40 people come down to our office and meet Milli Flaig-Hooper, our Artist in Residence. Milli, her mother Rose and staff Lori brought hundreds of pieces of art to our office for sale and display. People were able to come in, have some wine and appetizers and then sit down for a quick presentation from Rose Flaig, who talked about her daughter’s work. We then showed a video which was produced by Pulford that goes into more detail about Milli’s story and shows the process of how a piece comes together.

Pulford does not provide supports for Milli, but we are always looking for ways that we can live up to our Vision and Mission. In providing a space for Milli to showcase her work to a new audience we hope to help support someone to continue their work and live the life they choose.

We’re proud to announce that Milli was able to sell over $2,000 of her art work during the event and we’re thrilled that we could play a small part in supporting her work.

Please visit Milli’s website to learn more about her, her work and for more information on where you can purchase her art.