Our speaking event with artist Ryan Smoluk was a success, and we'd like to thank Ryan for giving his time and talent for our benefit. Thank you to everyone who came out for his articulate (and at times appropriately hilarious) discussion on art and autism. There were so many interesting and informative insights from that evening, like how having autism can feel like culture shock; you've arrived at a new place and you don't know any of the rules or right things to say but everyone else seems to. There are many exciting things in Ryan's future, so be on the look out for his name. You can view his online portfolio here, and read his essays on The Art of Autism website.


We are also happy to announce that next year we plan to do another artist event! We will be bringing several artists together in a larger venue, with more space to exhibit the incredible creativity found in our communities. Watch our social media and the website for updates!