As our fundraiser nears we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible partners who’ve made so much of this event possible. We have 20 partners this year who’ve made both financial and in-kind contributions that have been integral in the success of our April 5 event.

Their contributions help us raise funds for the purchase and renovation of a full wheelchair accessible home for people moving from an institutional setting into their own home.

The partners are:

Equality: Hearth Homes

Inclusivity: High Road

Advocacy: River City Ford, Assiniboine Credit Union, Inclusion Systems and BPG the Benefits Planning Group.

Dignity: Manitoba Hydro, Osborne Village Pharmacy, KPMG, Holloway Thliveris and Cropo.

Respect: HUB, Fillmore Riley, Istedy, Lone Goose and Clear Concepts.

In-Kind: Nonsuch Brewery, Beam Suntory, Pollard Banknote and Banville and Jones.

Thank you to our partners. We couldn’t do this without your help.

Our Partners