Last week Pulford hosted a two-day training event facilitated by Cate Friesen ( geared towards Advocacy and Leadership in the disability non-profit sector. Cate built her training around teaching those within our sector to find the stories that make each organization unique. The ability to identify a story and then learn how to craft it into something that people will want to hear was the lynchpin of this training. Cate designed multiple activities around this concept for our 32 attendees to do over the two days.

Groups would breakout from our training room to work closely together and focus on building their message. Our training space, which is always open for rental ( provided enough space for everyone to work together or to breakout into these smaller sessions for more hands on coaching from Cate.

Lunch was provided both days by Good Buds Bakery ( who have done an excellent job at our events before this training session and who continue to provide excellent food and service at a fantastic cost.

We’re going through the comments and reactions from our surveys now, but it’s clear that people really enjoyed themselves and got valuable tools to take away from the training and use in their workplace. We’re excited to see what our fellow organizations do with this newfound knowledge.

Pulford is currently working on another training that we hope to have settled in the next few months. The training should be available in the early months of next year.

this image shows a group of people in a classroom
this image shows people learning
this image shows two people working on newly learned concepts