In just a few weeks, Pulford Community Living Services will launch a very important internal survey. Our goal is to collect as much information as possible about employee satisfaction as it relates to their working environment. We want to improve the employee experience at Pulford and are working hard this year to make some meaningful changes.  Everyday, we have many staff who come to work happy and excited to be apart of the team, but we also know there are areas that we can be better. This survey will help us understand the concerns of our staff so that we can make changes, but it will also reinforce the areas in which we are providing a good experience.

I have been with the organization for 24 years and I have seen first-hand as a Direct Support Worker the value of having a Management team who truly cares about the employee experience. The work can be very demanding and it is important that we create support systems for our staff and listen to their feedback so we can understand where we can improve.

The survey will be rolled out to all of our 420 staff members for their feedback. All submissions will remain anonymous as we aim to obtain honest and reliable responses.  We hope this information will result in us being able to make some positive changes.

Following the survey, our HR team will pour over the data provided to us by the third party contractor and find out where we can improve.  We will prepare and outline an action plan as to how we intend to accomplish that. The important and exciting part for us is that we will further learn and understand how staff feel about their working environment, leadership, our processes and more.

Employee input and constructive feedback is invaluable and we hope all of our staff will take the time to participate in the survey so that we can make Pulford a better place to work.

Thank you.

Rod Retelback