This year has presented one of the toughest challenges Pulford has ever faced.

A global pandemic impacted the world over, including out organization.

Through an unprecedented storm, all of you, our hard-working and dedicated DSPs have been our anchor.

Your tenacity and caring spirits have been the primary reason our organization has been able to continue to provide services to the people we support.

This has been a difficult and challenging year and you’ve all had to work under increasing pressure to keep yourselves, your families and the people we support safe.

For this we are forever grateful.

Grateful for your bravery in the face of a global pandemic.

Grateful for your compassion towards the people we support.

Grateful for your commitment to our organization.

Most importantly we are grateful for you because without you, we could not be the organization we are today.

To our Direct Service Providers and to all Direct Service Providers, we thank you and we appreciate you.